Rules of the Garden

The Botanic Garden is a scientific and education institute of Heidelberg University. Its facilities are free to visit during opening hours in accordance with the following rules:

Entry to the Garden is at one’s own risk. Some paths require visitors to tread carefully. Surfaces may be slippery, especially in the greenhouses. Steps and gaps in the passages between greenhouses present an additional tripping hazard. In stormy weather, greenhouses must be vacated immediately; such conditions also result in an increased risk of falling branches in the grounds. No winter services are provided.

No liability for injury to person or property is assumed on the part of Heidelberg University, with the exception of injury resulting from deliberate or grossly negligent action by its employees.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Instructions from employees of the Garden must be followed.

Keep to the paths; lawn areas may not be used for recreational purposes.

Damage to, or removal of plants is expressly not permitted. Contact with some plants can result in poisoning or stinging symptoms, or lead to allergic reactions.

Signage must not be removed or repositioned.

No cycling is permitted in the Garden.

Dogs are not permitted in the Garden, with the exception of guide and assistance dogs.

No smoking is permitted in the greenhouses.

Photography or filming for private purposes is permitted and is free of charge. No special permission is required. Posting on private internet sites, on social networks, forums or photography portals is permitted on the condition that no purchase options are available or activated. The location of the photograph is to be noted as: “Heidelberg University Botanic Garden”.

Commercial photography or filming requires written prior permission, and is subject to charge.

Adherence to the house rules of Heidelberg University is required in addition to the above stipulations.